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CT1Published 30/11/23
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What is happening?


Notice is hereby given that National Highways intends to make an Order on the M2 Motorway and A2 Trunk Road in the County of Kent, under Sections 14(1)(a), 14(1)(c) and 14(7) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 because works are proposed to be executed on, or in the vicinity of, the road. The effect of the Order would be to:-

  1. authorise the overnight closure (in sections) of –
    (a) both carriageways of the M2 between Junction 1 (A2/A289) and Junction 7 (A2/A299), and all slip and link roads leading to and from those carriageways;
    (b) the circulatory systems at Junction 2 and Junction 7; and
    (c) the hard shoulder adjacent to the lengths of carriageway and slip and link roads described in 1. (a) above.
    2. authorise the overnight use of the hard shoulder adjacent to the lengths of carriageway and slip and link roads described in 1. above.
    3. permit HGVs in the outside lane of the lengths of carriageway described in 1. (a) above, during inside-lane closures.
    4. authorise the overnight closure of –
    (a) both carriageways of the A2 between Bean Interchange (B255) and Park Pale Interchange (M2 Junction 1);
    (b) both carriageways of the A2 between Brenley Corner (A299) and Eastern Docks Roundabout (A20);
    (c) the slip and link roads leading to and from the carriageways described in
    4. (a) to (b) above;
    (d) the roundabouts at Ebbsfleet Interchange (A2260), Brenley Corner (M2 Junction 7), Whitfield Roundabout (A256), Duke of York’s Roundabout (A258) and Eastern Docks Roundabout (A20);
    (e) any side road at junction with the lengths of carriageway described in
    4. (a) and (b) above;
    (f) any bus stop or lay-by adjacent to the lengths of carriageway described in
    4. (a) and (b) above; and
    (g) any gap between the lengths of carriageway described in 4. (a) and (b) above, and any dedicated lane used for the purpose of turning through them.
    These measures would be in the interests of road safety while contractors undertake maintenance and renewal work of a cyclical nature and M2 and A2 project works.
    The duration of each closure would vary depending on the nature of the maintenance work being undertaken on each occasion. The programme of works would start on or after 2nd January 2024.
    The overnight closures would be in operation between 20:00 and 06:00 (maximum period). Planned maintenance work would be scheduled to avoid disruption during known peak periods, although essential maintenance may be necessary during these periods to prevent the need for emergency works. Please see National Highways website for specific details on any upcoming closures.
    The Order would come into force on 2nd January 2024 and remain in force until 24th December 2024.
    During the closures, traffic affected would be diverted using other junctions of the M2 and A2, or by using the M20, M25, A20, A28, A229, A249, A251, A256, A260, A278, A289, A290, A296, A299, A2050, A2990, B255, B2068, Bifrons Hill, Bigbury Road, Black Robin Lane, Bonny Bush Hill, Brewers Road, Bridge Hill, Canterbury Road, Coldharbour Lane, Coxhill Road, Denstead Lane, Dumbrill Hill, Ethelburt Road, Faulkners Lane, Geddinge Lane, High Street, Honeywood Road, Merton Lane, Nursery Lane, Out Elmstead Lane, Patrixbourne Road, Palmers Cross Hill, Rough Common Road, Sandwich Road, Selling Road, Singledge Lane, South Canterbury Road, Stocker’s Hill, The Street, Stupplington Lane, Valley Road, Westcourt Lane, Westcourt Road and various unnamed roads. The diversion in operation would vary according to the closure in force, and the diversion routes listed above are the agreed routes, but these may change depending on local conditions. Access to and from premises accessible from, and only from, the lengths of carriageway in article 4. above to be closed would be permitted.

The temporary closures, hard shoulder and HGV outside running, and diversion routes would be clearly indicated by traffic signs when they are in operation during the works periods.
H Blyth, an Official of National Highways Ltd.
Ref: NH/SE/2024/M2/RNO, A2/RNO
National Highways, (Company No 9346363). Registered Office: Bridge House, Walnut Tree Close, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4LZ. A company registered in England and Wales.
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