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Gloucestershire County Council Traffic Regulations

GL14 1DAPublished 27/09/23
The Forester • 

What is happening?

Gloucestershire County Council Temporary Closure Of Various Roads (Various Parishes) Forest Of Dean District  Gloucestershire County Council intend to make an order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (as amended) to temporarily close and restrict part of the roads as detailed in the schedule set out below.  The reason for the closures and restrictions is for carriageway resurfacing. There will be no stopping or waiting permitted throughout the duration of the works. The roads are expected to be closed and restricted at various times on a rolling  programme commencing 16th October 2023 where the presence of approved signage will indicate whether the closures and restrictions are in force. Further advance warnings of dates/times will be displayed on site prior to the closure/restrictions taking effect. This order can permit the closure and restriction of the roads in any order, or simultaneously as required and it is anticipated all works will be completed by 29th March 2024. For further information, please contact Gloucestershire Highways on 08000 514 514 or visit  Alternative Route – As signed on site. Pedestrian access to premises on or next to the roads and emergency access will be maintained.  Schedule  Road Name  Closure  Closure  Parish  Closure  Type of   Extent  Extent (To)  Length  Restriction   (From)  (m)   4/6072 Station  A48 High  Entire  Newnham  497m  Restricted   Road Newnham  Street  Length of  Days   the road   5/66 Hyde Bank,  4/6072  5/66 Hyde  Newnham  212m  Restricted   Newnham  Station Road  lane  Days   5/66 Hyde Lane,  5/66 Hyde  Entire  Newnham  242m  Restricted   Newnham  Bank  Length of  Days   the road   4/5179 Upper  4/146 Seven  4/3095  Cinderford  335m  Restricted   Bilsen Road  Stars Road  Hazeldean  Days   Cinderford   4/5179  4/5179 Upper  4/5179  Cinderford  34m  Restricted   Hollydean,  Bilsen Road  Ashdean  Days   Cinderford   4/146 Seven  A4151 High  7B, Seven  Cinderford  106m  Restricted   Stars Road  Street  Stars Road,  Days   Cinderford  Cinderford,   GL14 2TG   3/19 South  B4226  C/16 New  Coleford  311m  Restricted   Road Broadwell  Speech House  Road  Days   Road   C/16 New Road  3/19 South  C/352  Coleford  363m  Restricted   Coalway  Road  Coalway  Days   Road   4/4074 Poolway  C/19 South  B4226  Coleford  113m  Restricted   Broadwell  Road  Poolway  Days   Road   4/239 Foxs  C/19 South  4/5071  Coleford  102m  Restricted   Lane Broadwell  Road  Ambrose  Days   Lane   4/239 Bixhead  C/19 South  7/1091  Coleford  29m  Restricted   Walk Broadwell  Road  Lewis Glade  Days   4/3001  C/19 South  4/6053  Coleford  102m  Restricted   Queensway  Road  Wynols  Days   Broadwell  Road   4/71 Old Road  C/19 South  4/71 The  Coleford  168m  Restricted   Coalway  Road  Purples  Days   4/71 Old Road Coalway  C/19 South Road  6/59 Footway from Forsdene  Coleford  89m  Restricted Days   walk to old   Road   4/169 Prosper  C/19 South  4/6071  Coleford  180m  Restricted   Lane Coalway  Road  Birch Park  Days   DATED: 27th September 2023. For Assistant Director of Legal Services. BB/79684, Legal Services, Shire Hall, Westgate Street, Gloucester GL1 2TG  3/32 Hawthorns  4/3015  County  Drybrook  928m  Unrestricted   Road Drybrook  Springfields  Boundary  Days   4/3043  3/30 Forest  3/29 Brierley  Drybrook  232m  Unrestricted   Denehurst,  Road  Road  Days   Ruardean   3/32 Hawthorns  c/31 High  4/3015  Drybrook  986m  Restricted   Road Drybrook  Street  Springfields  Days   4/3029 Back  3/32  4/5177  Drybrook  167m  Restricted   Lane Drybrook  Hawthorns  Whitehill  Days   Road  Lane   4/5020 Hillside  3/32  4/3002  Drybrook  259m  Restricted   Road Drybrook  Hawthorns  Hazel Road  Days   Road   3/351 Catshill,  B4234 road  3/351 High  Ruardean  2.6km  Unrestricted   Ruardean  from County  Street  Days   Boundary to   The Forge   C/356 Ross  4/81 Folly  C/356 Ross  West  770m  Restricted   Road English  Lane  Road  Dean  Days   Bicknor   C/356  C/356 Ross  C/356  West  476m  Restricted   Ross Road  Road English  Ross Road  Dean  Days   Shortstanding  Bicknor  Christchurch   C/356  C/356  C/387 Park  West  379m  Restricted   Ross Road  Ross Road  Road  Dean  Days   Christchurch  Shortstanding   C/356  C/356  4/5029 Kells  West  136m  Restricted   Grove Road  Ross Road  Road  Dean  Days   Christchurch  Christchurch   4/80 Hillersland  C/356  4/5185  West  121m  Restricted   Lane  Ross Road  Hillersland  Dean  Days   Shortstanding  Shortstanding  Lane   4/5185  C/356 Ross  4/80  West  178m  Restricted   Hillersland Lane  Road  Hillersland  Dean  Days   Shortstanding  Lane   4/221  C/356 Ross  4/5096 Off  West  69m  Restricted   Coopers Road  Road  Coopers  Dean  Days   Christchurch  Road   C/26 Woodland Road Christchurch  C/356 Ross Road Christchurch  C/26 Road from Woodland  West Dean  627m  Restricted Days   Road to   Reddinhorn   cottage   C/26 Road from  C/26  4/80  West  64m  Restricted   Woodland Road  Woodland  Hillersland  Dean  Days   to Reddinhorn  Road  Lane   cottage  Christchurch   C/387  C/356 Ross  4/220 Tudor  West  127m  Restricted   Park Road  Road  Walk  Dean  Days   Christchurch   4/79 Bracelands Drive Christchurch  C/356 Ross Road Christchurch  Entrance to Forest Holidays, Bracelands  West Dean  293m  Restricted Days   Drive   Christchurch   GL16 7NN   3/11 Parkend  C/352 Road  4/6113  West  1.2km  Unrestricted   Road Bream  from Fetter  Knockley  Dean  Days   Hill to Folly  Patch   Road   C/11 Bowson  3/11 Parkend  2, Bowson  West  66m  Unrestricted   Road Bream  Road Bream  Road, Bream,  Dean  Days   GL15 6LA  

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