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Temporary road restrictions

EH11Published 29/06/23
The Scotsman • 

What is happening?

The Council has made an order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended, the effect of which will be that for a temporary period, to facilitate SGN gas main installation works, no person shall: (a) drive or cause or permit to be driven any vehicle; & (b) except with the permission of a Parking Attendant, cause or permit any vehicle to wait or load onto or unload from any vehicle at any time on both sides of (i) Bankhead Broadway, from its jnct with Bankhead Medway, southwards to 10m south of its jnct with Bankhead Ter; (ii) Bankhead Medway, from Bankhead Pl to Bankhead Broadway; & (iii) Bankhead Ter: (1) from its jnct Bankhead Broadway, eastwards for 10m; & (2) from its jnct with Bankhead Broadway, westwards for 125m. The Order shall have effect from 3/7/23 to 31/8/23. The alternative
routes for vehicular traffic will be by way of: (i) Bankhead Broadway & (iii) Bankhead Ter – Bankhead Medway, Bankhead Ave, Bankhead Crossway Sth, Bankhead Drv & Bankhead Crossway Nth; & (ii) Bankhead Medway
Bankhead Broadway, Bankhead Ter, Bankhead Ave & Bankhead Crossway Nth. Existing restrictions will be suspended on the affected sections of roads described in (b).

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