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Special event - London Borough of Southwark, Union Street and surrounds, 15/6/23

SE1 1SGPublished 15/06/23
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What is happening?

The Council of the London Borough of Southwark  

  1. The Council of the London Borough of Southwark hereby gives notice that it has made the above named Traffic Order under section 29 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 for the purpose specified in paragraph 2. The effect of the Order is summarised in paragraph 3.
  2. The purpose of the Order is to facilitate a car free day and a play street, as indicated in the schedule to this notice.
  3. The effect of the Order is to prohibit any vehicle or cyclist from:- (a)  entering or proceeding in the length of street specified in the schedule to this notice on the date and between the hours specified in that schedule;. (b) waiting (including waiting for the purpose of delivering or collecting goods or loading or unloading a vehicle) in the length of street specified in the schedule to this notice.
  4. The prohibitions will not apply in respect of: (a) any vehicle being used for the purposes of that event or for fire brigade, ambulance or police purposes; (b) anything done with the permission or at the direction of a police constable in uniform or a person authorised by the Council of the London Borough of Southwark. 
  5. The alternative route will be adjacent roads as applicable. For information regarding this notice, please contact Network & Parking at

    Dated this 13th June 2023
    Ian Law, Traffic Manager, London Borough of Southwark, Network Management, Traded Services, Environment and Leisure, 160 Tooley Street, PO Box 64529 London SE1 5LX 
    Ref: LBSbetterbankside/carfree/playstreet


Road Extent                                             Date of event and Prohibited Hours
 Union Street Southwark Bridge Road – Thursday 15th June. 16:00hrs –                                                                            22:00hrs Ayres Street
 Redcross Way Union Street
– Marshalsea                                           Thursday 15th June. 12:00hrs –                                                                            15:00hrs Road

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