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The London Borough of Southwark (Charged-for parking places) (Druid Street area) Order 202* The London Borough of Southwark (Prescribed routes) (Gedling Place) Traffic Order 202* The London Borough of Southwark (Waiting and loading restrictions) (Druid Street area) Order 202*

  1. Southwark Council hereby GIVES NOTICE that it proposes to make the above Orders under sections 6, 45, 46, 49 and 124 of and Part IV of Schedule 9 to the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended.  
  2.  The effects of the (Charged-for parking places) Order would be in DRUID STREET north-east side opposite Millstream Road, to remove 38 metres of Controlled Parking Zone ‘G’ permit-holders only parking.
  3. The effect of the (Prescribed routes) Order would be to:-  (a) introduce a ‘no motor vehicles’ restriction in that part of GEDLING PLACE which lies between the south-western kerb-line build-out of Druid Street and a point 52 metres south-west of that kerb-line build-out (the entirety of which will provide a two-way route for pedal cycles only); and (b) removes an existing ‘one-way’, and associated ‘no entry’, restriction in GEDLING PLACE.
  4. The effect of the (Waiting and loading restrictions) Order would be:-  (a) in DRUID STREET and SWEENEY CRESCENT to update the layout of existing ‘at any time’ waiting restrictions so as to accommodate the provision of two-way cycle lanes aligned with the south-western edge of the north-eastern footway (extending from its junction with Tanner Street south-eastward to a point opposite the north-western kerb-line of Gedling Place, having a width throughout of 3 metres and semi-segregated from the adjoining motor vehicle traffic flow, by way of kerbs constructed in the carriageway and flexible bollards) and the removal of the parking place referred to in item 2 preceding; and (b) to add ‘at any time’ loading restrictions on existing double yellow lines, (i) in DRUID STREET north-east side, between its junction with Tanner Street and a point 13.5 metres south-east of the south-eastern kerb-line build-out of Sweeney Crescent, and (ii) in SWEENEY CRESCENT on both sides, between its junction with Druid Street and a point 10 metres north-east of that junction.  NOTES: (1) These Orders would supersede similar provisions at the above locations implemented by way of experimental Orders made under section 9 of the 1984 Act (which would be revoked). (2) All measurements are in metres and are approximate. (3) Parking charges are listed on 
  5. For more information please contact the Council's Highways team - 
  6. Copies of the supporting documents (this Notice, the proposed Orders, and a statement of Southwark Council's reasons for making the Orders) may be found online at; paper or digital copies of plans showing the location and effect of the Orders and the supporting documents may be requested by emailing, or inspected by appointment only at: Highways, Southwark Council, Environment, Neighbourhoods and Growth, 3rd floor hub 2, 160 Tooley Street, London SE1 2QH - from the date of this Notice until the end of a period of six weeks from the date on which the Orders are made. Email (or call 020 7525 3497) for booking details.
  7. Anyone wishing to object to or make any other representations regarding the proposals, may use the form labelled 'Parking - Road traffic and highway schemes - responding to statutory consultation notices' at or send a statement in writing to: the Traffic Orders Officer, Highways, Southwark Council, Environment, Neighbourhoods and Growth, P.O. Box 64529, London SE1P 5LX or by e-mail to quoting reference ‘TMO2324-003 Druid St permanent’ by 6 July 2023. Please note that if you wish to object to this proposal you must state the grounds on which your objection is made. 
  8. Under requirements of current access to information legislation, any letter or e-mail sent to the Councils in response to this Notice may be subject to publication or disclosure, or both, including communication to other persons affected.

    Dated 15 June 2023 Dale Foden - Head of Service, Highways

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