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Aberdeenshire - Various Planning Applications

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The applications listed below together with the plans and other documents may be viewed using the online Planning Register at online-applications/. Comments may be made quoting the reference number and stating clearly the grounds for making comment.

Comments can be submitted using the Planning Register when viewing the application. Alternatively, comments can be addressed to Aberdeenshire Council, Planning and Economy Service, Viewmount, Arduthie Road, Stonehaven, AB39 2DQ (or emailed to planningonline@aberdeenshire. Please note that any comment, where considered valid, will be published on the Planning Register. Please note that even if you have made comments to the applicant prior to this application being submitted, or to the Council regarding a similar application that has been made on this site before, you will still need to make your comments to the Council on the current application.

Comments must be received by 10 August 2023

Address: Rosebank West, Charlestown Road, Aboyne, AB34 5EJ Proposal: Installation of Replacement Windows – APP/2023/1281

Address: Land West of Murrayview, Alford Proposal: Condition 1 a) Layout and Siting, b) External Appearance and Finishing Materials, c) Landscaping Scheme, d) Levels Survey and Cross Sections, e) Means of Disposal of Foul and Surface Water, f) Access and Visibility Splays g) Car Parking/Vehicle Turning Area and h) Refuse Bin Uplift Store, of Planning Permission in Principle Reference APP/2021/1236 for Erection of Dwellinghouse and Formation of Access – APP/2023/1282

Address: Land Adjacent to Uppermill Cottage, Kintore, AB51 0XL Proposal: Erection of Replacement Dwellinghouse – APP/2023/1309

Address: Land Adjacent to Carrue Cottage, Logie Coldstone, Aboyne Proposal: Erection of Farmshop/Cafe/Staff Accommodation and Shed and Installation of Free Standing Solar Panels and Associated Works – APP/2023/1235

Address: Former Depot (vacant), West Street, Johnshaven, Montrose, DD10 0HL Proposal: Alterations and Change of Use from Storage Depot (Class 6) to Dwellinghouse (Class 9) and Office (Class 1A) – APP/2023/1254

Address: Rivendell, Keith Place, Stonehaven, AB39 2NU Proposal: Installation of Solar Panels – APP/2023/1251

Address: Rivendell, Keith Place, Stonehaven, AB39 2NU Proposal: Installation of Solar Panels – APP/2023/1252

Address: 34 Bridge Street, Ellon, AB41 9AA Proposal: Part Change of Use from Bank (Class 2 Financial, Professional & Other Services) and Alterations to form Office (Class 4) and Erection of Car Wash – APP/2023/1237

Address: Land at Midmill, Kintore Proposal: Formation of Drainage Channel and Accompanying Landscaping in Association with Adjoining Development – APP/2023/1132

Address: First Floor, 30 Abercrombie Court, Prospect Road, Arnhall Business Park, Westhill, AB32 6FE Proposal: Change Of Use of First Floor Office (Class 4) to Occupational Health Business (Class 1A) and External Alterations – APP/2023/1258

Address: Cullerlie Smithy, Echt, Westhill, AB32 6XP Proposal: Demolition of Buildings and Erection of 3 Dwellinghouses – APP/2023/1256

Address: 11A High Street, Banchory, AB31 5RP Proposal: Installation of Replacement Windows and Doors (Retrospective) – APP/2023/1292

Address: Downfield, Broombank Terrace, Braemar, AB35 5YX Proposal: Erection of Replacement Garage/Ancillary Accommodation – APP/2023/1297

Address: Allt Cristie Burn, Near Inverey Proposal: Installation of Replacement ATV Bridge – APP/2023/1283

Address: Land at Cladach, Ury, Stonehaven, AB39 3ST Proposal: Installation of Run-off Drainage Outlet – APP/2023/1111

Address: Land Adjacent to Burnside Cottage, Knappach, Tillquhillie, Banchory, AB31 6JS Proposal: Change of Use of Woodland to Domestic Garden Ground and Erection of Shed – APP/2023/1220

Address: 18 Monduff Road, Muchalls, Newtonhill, AB39 3XR Proposal: Installation of Solar PV Panels, Battery Storage and Air Source Heat Pump with Timber Enclosure – APP/2023/1261

Address: Former Depot (vacant), West Street, Johnshaven, Montrose, DD10 0HL Proposal: Partial Demolition of Building – APP/2023/1255

Address: AMS Group Ltd, Portlethen, AB12 4RX Proposal: Erection of Wind Turbine (Hub Height 69m, Total Height 99.5m) Upgrading of Access Track and Associated Infrastructure – APP/2023/1267

Address: Land to the South of Cookney Lodge, Netherley, Stonehaven, AB39 3SA Proposal: Formation of Field Access (Retrospective) – APP/2023/1097

Address: Site at Balmacassie Brae, Ellon, AB41 8BY Proposal: Erection of Place of Worship (Class 10 – Non-Residential Institution) and Associated Works – APP/2023/1192

Address: Plot G (9), Land at Meldrum House Estate, Oldmeldrum Proposal: Erection of Dwellinghouse (Amended House Type from Planning Permission Reference APP/2022/0068) – APP/2023/1275

Address: War Memorial, Black Hill, Stonehaven Proposal: Installation of 4 Metal Brackets for Hanging Wreaths (Retrospective) – APP/2023/0788

Address: 49 Main Street, Alford, AB33 8PX Proposal: Change of Use from Office (Class 1A) to Restaurant (Class 3) – APP/2023/1141

Address: Downfield, Broombank Terrace, Braemar, AB35 5YX Proposal: Demolition of Existing Garage/Store and Erection of Garage/Ancillary Accommodation – APP/2023/1298

Address: 18 Ann Street, Stonehaven, AB39 2EP Proposal: Installation of Covered Bike Shelter and Tool Station – APP/2023/0722

Address: Site at East Lediken, Old Rayne, Insch, AB52 6SH Proposal: Erection of Dwelinghouse – APP/2023/1195

Address: Huntly Arms Hotel, Charlestown Road, Aboyne, AB34 5HS Proposal: Alterations and Extension to Hotel including External Seating Area – APP/2023/1299

Address: Huntly Arms Hotel, Charlestown Road, Aboyne, AB34 5HS Proposal: Alterations and Extension to Hotel including External Seating Area – APP/2023/1301

Address: Land at Clarack Farmhouse, Dinnet, Aboyne, AB34 5LP Proposal: Permanent Retention of Car Park and Associated Toilet and Refuse Facilities (Previous Planning Permission Reference APP/2021/0891) – APP/2023/1146

Address: Redmoss Croft, Oldmeldrum, AB51 0BY Proposal: Siting of 3 Holiday Trailers and Associated Infrastructure – APP/2023/1051

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