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What is happening?


In accordance with the above regulations, notice is given that key decisions are to be made on behalf of the Authority. Key decisions are either:
- those which are likely to result in significant expenditure/saving where there is (a) a virement of £100,000 or more; or (b) a change in service provision that impacts upon the service revenue budget by £100,000 or more; or (c) a contract worth £100,000 or more; or (d) a new or unprogrammed capital scheme of £100,000 or more; or (e) increased spending on the original budget for a scheme by £100,000 or more; or
- those which will have significant effects on communities living or working in two or more wards through a material positive or negative impact in environmental, physical, social or economic terms.
The Forward Plan will be updated each month and published on the following dates:
30 May 2024; 4 July 2024; 22 August 2024; 3 October 2024; 31 October 2024;
2 January 2025; 23 January 2025; 20 February 2025; 1 May 2025
The Plan will contain details of the key decisions to be made and a list of the documents to be considered in relation to the decisions, though this will not preclude the submission of other documents. Each current Forward Plan, together with the documents referred to as they become available, can be viewed on the Council's website at
Jane Watson, Democratic Services Manager, Dated 12 April 2024.

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