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Fenwick Solar Farm - Environmental Impact Assessment Section 48

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What is happening?


Notice is hereby given that Fenwick Solar Project Limited (company number 13705886) of Unit 5E, Park Farm, Chichester Road, Arundel, BN18 0AG (“the Applicant”) proposes to make an application (“the Application”) to the Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero under Section 37 of the Planning Act 2008 (“the 2008 Act”) for a Development Consent Order (“the DCO Application”) to develop Fenwick Solar Farm (“the Scheme”). The Applicant is a Boom Power company.
The Scheme
The Scheme, located entirely within the City of Doncaster Council’s administrative area, will principally consist of the elements listed below.
The construction, operation and maintenance, and decommissioning of a solar photovoltaic (PV) generating station, to generate electricity with a total capacity exceeding 50 megawatts (MW), making it a nationally significant infrastructure project, located within the “Solar PV Site” east of Fenwick, near the town of Askern, the villages of Moss and Sykehouse and the hamlet of Topham. The northern edge of the Solar PV Site borders the River Went.
A Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) located on part of the Solar PV Site, allowing the storage, export and import of electricity to/from the national electricity transmission system.
Supporting electrical infrastructure, including a new On-Site Substation and cables.
Two options for connecting the Scheme to the National Electricity Transmission System (NETS). One option is an underground grid connection from the On-Site Substation located within the Solar PV Site to the National Grid Thorpe Marsh Substation. The preferred route of the Grid Connection Corridor travels south from the Solar PV Site to the Existing National Grid Thorpe Marsh Substation. There is also an option to connect the to the grid via underground cables from the On-Site Substation to an existing overhead power line that passes across the east of the Solar PV Site.
Associated infrastructure, mitigation and enhancement measures, and other ancillary works, for example, fencing, security, temporary and permanent means of access, highway works, temporary works compounds and work sites.
The proposed DCO will, amongst other things, authorise:
construction, operation and maintenance, and decommissioning of a ground mounted solar PV electricity generating facility with a capacity exceeding 50MW;
associated and/or ancillary works including the construction of a BESS; On-Site Substation and cabling to connect to the national electricity transmission network either at the Existing National Grid substation at Thorpe Marsh or via an existing overhead power line within the Solar PV Site; the creation of environmental mitigation and enhancement areas; access tracks; construction compounds; and welfare and storage facilities;
alterations to streets, including the creation and modification of temporary and permanent accesses, the temporary removal of street furniture and any proposed diversion and/or temporary closure of public rights of way;
the permanent compulsory acquisition of land and/or an interest in or right over land and temporary use powers;
the overriding of easements and other rights over or affecting land as well as the creation of restrictions;
the application and/or disapplication of legislation including, amongst other things, legislation relating to compulsory purchase and landlord and tenant matters; and
such ancillary, incidental and consequential provisions, licenses, property rights, permits and consents as are necessary and/or convenient for the purposes of the Scheme.

The Scheme is an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) development for the purposes of the Infrastructure Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017. As a result, the Applicant is required to carry out an EIA and submit and publish an Environmental Statement (ES) as part of the Application containing a detailed description of the Scheme and information about its likely significant effects on the environment. Information currently available about the likely significant environmental effects of the Scheme is set out in the Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) and summarised in a Non-Technical Summary (PEIR NTS) that forms part of the consultation material.

Statutory Consultation
Consultation on the proposals will take place from Thursday 18 April 2024 to 11.59pm on Friday 31 May 2024 (“the consultation period”).
The full suite of consultation materials which includes documents, plans, and maps which show the nature and location of the Scheme comprises: Consultation brochure; feedback form; plans of the proposed location of the Solar PV Site and Grid Connection Corridor; Non-statutory consultation report; Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC); PEIR; and PEIR NTS.
Document deposit locations
From Thursday 18 April 2024 to at least 11.59pm on Friday 31 May 2024, all consultation materials including documents, plans and maps showing the nature and location of the Scheme will be available for inspection free of charge on the Applicant’s website, The consultation materials are within the Statutory Consultation section of the website during the consultation period.
At the document inspection locations, hard copies of consultation documents (with the exception of the PEIR) will be made available for inspection, free of charge. USBs containing digital copies of all consultation materials (including the PEIR) will also be made available at the document inspection venues for inspection at the libraries or removal free of charge for any consultee to read at their convenience.
The consultation documents may be inspected on computers at Askern Community Library, Snaith Library, Thorne Library and Edenthorpe Community Library on the project website listed above or utilising the USB sticks. Computers are not available to be used to inspect the consultation documents at The Baxter Arms or the Old George Inn.
Hard copy consultation materials, or copies of the consultation materials on USB sticks will be made available on request by contacting the Applicant via the details in the “Feedback” section of this notice. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and the complete set of consultation materials can be made available in hard copy format on request at a cost of £3,000.
Document inspection venue
Opening hours*
(correct at the time of publication)
Askern Community Library
Station Road
Monday - 10.00am to 1.00pm
Tuesday - 10.00am to 1.00pm
Wednesday - 10.00am to 1.00pm
Thursday - 10.00am to 1.00pm
Friday - 10.00am to 1.00pm
Saturday - 10.00am to 1.00pm
Sunday - Closed
Snaith Library
27 Market Place,
DN14 9HE

Monday - Closed
Tuesday – 2.00pm to 6.00pm
Wednesday - Closed
Thursday – 10.00am to 4.00pm
Friday - Closed
Saturday – 10.00am to 12.00pm
Sunday – Closed
Thorne Library
The Vermuyden Centre,
Field Side,
Monday – 8.40am to 1pm and 1.30pm to 5.00pm
Tuesday - 8.40am to 1pm and 1.30pm to 5.00pm
Wednesday – 8.40am to 1pm and 1.30pm to 5.00pm
Thursday - 8.40am to 1pm and 1.30pm to 5.00pm
Friday – 8.40am to 1pm and 1.30pm to 5.00pm
Saturday - 8.40am to 1pm and 1.30pm to 5.00pm
Sunday - 8.40am to 1pm and 1.30pm to 5.00pm
Edenthorpe Community Library
Communal Hall,
Bardon Road,
Monday – 2.00pm to 5.00pm
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday – 9.30am to 12.30pm
Thursday - Closed
Friday – 2.00pm to 5.00pm
Saturday – 10.00am to 12.00pm
Sunday – Closed
The Baxter Arms
Fenwick Lane,
Monday – 4.00pm to 11.00pm
Tuesday - 4.00pm to 11.00pm
Wednesday - 4.00pm to 11.00pm
Thursday – 12.00pm to 11.00pm
Friday - 12.00pm to 11.00pm
Saturday - 12.00pm to 11.00pm
Sunday - 12.00pm to 11.00pm
The Old George Inn
Broad Lane,
DN14 9AU
Monday – 9.30am to Late (approx. 10.00pm)
Tuesday - 9.30am to Late (approx. 10.00pm)
Wednesday - 9.30am to Late (approx. 10.00pm)
Thursday - 9.30am to Late (approx. 10.00pm)
Friday - 9.30am to Late (approx. 10.00pm)
Saturday - 9.30am to Late (approx. 10.00pm)
Sunday - 9.30am to Late (approx. 10.00pm)

*Opening times of these venues may be subject to change. Please check with the venue before travelling.

The Applicant is holding three in person consultation events and one online question and answer session at the following dates, times and locations.

Date and Time
Friday 26 April 2024
2.00pm - 7.00pm
Alexander House (Askern Town Hall)
High St, Askern, Doncaster DN6 0AB
Saturday 27 April 2024
10.00am - 3.00pm
Moss & Fenwick Village Hall
Fenwick Common Ln, Doncaster DN6 0HG
Monday 29 April 2024
2.00pm - 7.00pm
Sykehouse Village Hall
Off Broad Ln, Sykehouse, Goole DN14 9AS
Wednesday 8 May 2024
7.00pm - 8.00pm
Microsoft Teams – online question and answer session accessed via the Applicant’s website:

Hard copies of all consultation materials (including the SoCC) will be available for inspection at the in-person events listed above, and members of the project team will be available to discuss our proposals and answer any questions.

In the event of a booked venue becoming unavailable, or other unforeseen circumstances meaning the consultation events must be cancelled and/or rearranged, the Applicant will inform people as early as possible of the cancellation and, where possible, give details of a substitute event via the Scheme’s website, on social media and notify parish councils requesting that they provide this information to residents via existing channels.

Any person may comment on the proposals or otherwise respond to this consultation. Responses must be received by 11.59pm on 31 May 2024. Responses received after this time may not be considered.
All responses must be made in writing by:
a. Completing the online feedback form located within the Statutory Consultaion section on the Scheme website:
b. Attending a consultation event and completing a paper copy feedback form
c. Obtaining a paper copy of the consultation feedback form at one of our document inspection venues or by requesting one using the contact details in this notice, which can be returned via FREEPOST Fenwick Solar Farm
d. Alternatively, feedback in a letter or email format can be sent to us by:
i. Emailing:
ii. Writing to us: FREEPOST Fenwick Solar Farm
The Applicant will consider and have regard to all responses received as part of this consultation when developing the Application once the consultation has closed. Responses will form the basis of a consultation report that will be one of the factors taken into consideration by the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State when deciding whether the DCO application can be accepted for examination. Therefore, in providing any comment, it should be borne in mind that the substance of it may be communicated to others as part of that consultation report.
Personal details will be held securely and only used for purposes in connection with the statutory consultation, the DCO process and further development of the Scheme. Outside of these purposes, the Applicant may be required to provide personal details if specifically requested as part of a Freedom of Information Act request or if the Planning Inspectorate requests original responses. Otherwise, personal details will not be disclosed to any third parties. For further details please see our Privacy Notice at: hard copy of the privacy notice can be requested using the contact details below.
For further information about this notice, the consultation materials (including the documents, plans and maps), the consultation or the Scheme more generally, please contact the Applicant using one of these contact methods:
● Email:
● Write: FREEPOST Fenwick Solar Farm
● Telephone: 01964 782219 between the hours of 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday
Fenwick Solar Project Limited

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