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ME15 6XTPublished 10/11/22
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Company No. 10898842
Registered Office: 16 Mill Street, Maidstone, Kent ME15 6XT
Faversham Oyster Fishery Company Act 2017 (“the Act”) Missing  Shareholders: Notice under section 13(1) of the Act (second notice)
Registered in England and Wales
1. The Faversham Oyster Fishery Company (“the Company”) hereby gives notice under section 13(1) of the Act that it has served Shareholder Notices in accordance with Part 3 of the Act.
2. The persons on whom the Company sent shareholder notices are: Albert Brenchley; Lilian M.A. Chapman; Charles R Chapman; Georgina Chapman; William T Dane; William G J Dane; Arthur Dane; Geoffrey C Dane; H Dane; Joseph Dane; FH Phillips & Co (Lowestoft) Ltd; David H Gardner; Frank E Gregory; Frank E M Gregory; Frederick Gregory; Marie Gregory; Charles S Gregory; John C Gregory; John E S Gregory; Edward G Gregory; Walter Gregory; Hermione C Hanson; Ernest T N Harris; Lydia J Hedgecock; Spencer Hume; Benjamin R H Jemmett; William Jemmett; Frederick Jemmett; H Kirby; Henry R Lightfoot; Harry R Lightfoot & Others; William Matthews; Athol H McRobert; William H Owen; Hubert H Owen; Mrs M V Owen; Mrs M P Packman; James G Palmer; Elizabeth Parkin & Others; Edward Peggs; Marshall B Pollock; Frederick H Pout; James H Ray; Nellie Ray; Percy F Ray; Bertram F Ray; George S Ray; Valerie A Ross; Lucy L Semark; Frederick W Torry; Vera G Turner; Frederick C Usher; Dorothy E Usher; Margaret A C Winder.
3. Part 3 of the Act deals with missing shareholders and contains a procedure whereby the Company can ultimately sell the shares of missing shareholders.
4. Prior to the publication of this second notice, the Company sent three successive notices (known as Shareholder Notices) in respect of the persons mentioned above. The Shareholder Notices were sent by post to the last address shown on the Company’s register of shareholders. They contained a notice (a Claimant’s Notice) for completion and return, to claim an interest the shares in question.
5. Having sent the third Shareholder Notice, this second notice must be published by the Company.
6.The period of time during which a claim can be made expires at the end of the period of 18 months beginning with the date of the first publication of this notice (known as the notification period).
7. If the Claimant’s Notice is completed and returned and the Company is satisfied that the claimant has an interest in the shares(s) in question, then the Company will enter the name of the claimant in the register of shareholders and pay the claimant arrears of dividends in respect of a period of 12 years.
8. If despite following the procedure outlined above the Company concludes that the shareholder in question is a missing shareholder (for example because it receives no response to the three Shareholder Notices) then it may sell the shares in question to any person (including the Company itself).The Company must hold the proceeds of the sale in a separate account, and those proceeds may be employed in the business of the Company or invested.
9. Part 3 of the Act is without prejudice to section 125 of the 2006 Act (power of court to rectify register).
Dated this 10th day of November 2022
S. C. Astley, Secretary
Faversham Oyster Fishery Company is a limited company

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