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Alcohol & Licensing

Greenwich & Docklands Festival - Basinga, Royal Borough of Greenwich, licence, 5/7/23

SE18 6ABPublished 05/07/23
Greenwich & Lewisham Weekender • 

What is proposed?


Notice is given that: GREENWICH + DOCKLANDS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL has applied for the Grant of a time-limited * Premises Licence for the following:

A record of this application may be inspected by appointment.
Other persons may make representations to the Council on this application by no later than Wednesday 26 July 2023 (last date for making representations).  Representations can be made in writing, by email or fax using the contact details above. Representations can only be made on the grounds of one or more of the four licensing objectives, namely:
•    Prevention of Crime and Disorder
•    Prevention of Public Nuisance
•    Public Safety
•    Protection of Children from Harm.
Any person who makes a false statement in connection with an application is liable on summary conviction to an unlimited fine.
It is proposed that the following licensable activities will take place at the site:
•    Plays, Films, Live & Recorded Music, Dance, and Activities Similar to Music & Dance (e.g. acrobats, etc) between 17:00 and 21:00 hours, Wednesday 23rd to Friday 25th August 2023 inclusive. There is no application for the sale & supply of alcohol.
*It is likely that several periods of ad hoc open-air rehearsal will take place prior to the actual event date of 25th August 2023, which is the GDIF Opening Night. Whilst rehearsals are not considered a licensable activity in and of themselves, the applicant seeks the premises licence to cover the period from 23rd August 2023 (until and including 25th Aug) as it is likely such rehearsals will unintentionally attract audiences, however small and brief, and they wish to avoid the potential for any breaches of the Licensing Act 2003, however inadvertent. On the actual event date, there will be one 45-minute performance, scheduled between the times shown above.

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